On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike.


* India Charitable Association is a registered Society For the Society , registered Under Societies Registered Act St was established in 2014 and its activities Are Conducted through a Social service award , representing Education , Social and Charitable Field .
Social Service award Every Year award total of up to Social vaulentier , youth , School going Children (10+2) Passed Child and Social Worker (Man and Woman ) . * To the best work result providing by award to the name of social service award .The Area of Interested Include youth child, social Worker ,Social Institute /Social Orgainsation , Social Anthropology ,Education Policy Started years 2015 .
* The Award Unanimously , Described there Experience as in valuable ,both Academically and Personally.
* Our Organisation ICA India award Provided by namely Social Service award , awarded by Miscellanious Field –
* Drug –De- Addication
* Beti Bachayoo Beti pathowoo
. Nature Resource Management : - Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development . * Woman and Child Develpoment (Moving Woman and Children From the Margins to the Center )
* Literacy (Universal Iiteracy a National Goal , is a Mejor Focus of the Indian Charitable )
* Health (HIV / AIDS Programmes ) Rural Health Mission Organised by Indian Charitable Association Work force for the Prevention Control and Management of HIV /AIDS.
* (The organization ICA India is Conrmitted to Enabling Disable People to Become Self Reliant , Develop there Potential and Face the on equal terms. ) Youth Skil Development:- * Our Organisation Storted of Social Service Award –Area of Covered by- Computer Skill -Certificate and Diploma Holder Technical etc. Note – This Award Achiver by Best Work result of Social areas provided in Social Service award in our Organisation ICA India. -

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