On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike.


* Social Defence Academy (SDA) is a Social Defence Unit Agency promoted by Indian Charitable Association Establishment year. October 2014 .

* The Our Social Defince Academy Main Mission and Vision is Drug De-Addiction Rehabilitation and Counselling , Alcoholism Awareness , and tobacco Chewing Material ,Smoking Etc. prevention and Control Programs

* Our Second Mission of Social Defence Academy Senior Citizen Welfair , Health Care Nutriticare ( Mal Nutrition ) and Geriatric problem and Old Age care Centre run by Indian Charitable Association. * Our Mission Rural areas lived in Youth Aware by Indian Charitable Association Created a Mutually Supportive Network of trained Personnel the Rural Health Mission Workfare for the Prevetion , Control and Management of HIV/AIDS.

* The aim Was to Organise Training Workshop for youth and School going children With a View to enlisting their help.

* The youth trained Workforce being responsible for Counselling , Care and Management of HIV Positive People and AIDS Patients .

* An analysis of questionnaires ay the Out Set of Training revealed that General Awareness about HIV/AIDS.

* One of the most effecetive and Innovative programs Focusing Prevention Control and Management of HIV/AIDS ,The Indian Charitable Association AIDS

* Counselling Clinic is a Comprehensive –Inter ention raising awareness through Physicins

* Our Mission youth After Training trained Person-two Category

(1) C H W – Community Health Worker.
(2)C H V – Community Health Volunteer .
* Refresher Courses up dating training of youth

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