On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike.


* Rural Health Mission(R H M) is Rural Public Health Care Agency .Promoted by Indian Charitable Association Registered by Chief Medical officer Allahabad (U.P.) Registration No. – 3834/8084.
* Rural Health Mission Establishment year is 25th march 2015 Purpose of Our Health Mission Old Age people (Man And Woman) Hard-Capped Person Labour woman Malnutrition Child, Poor Families , Ect . Free of Cost Health check up-Medicinal services-Blood Examine, Diseare, and All Communication And Non Communication Diseare .Primary Health service provided by Our Health Mission, Our Vision is Rural Diseare Control and Health Prevrnion.

Subject Covered by Rural Health Mission.-

* Free Health-Check up Camps by differeat Disease programs

* Our Mission Covered by Mast Popular Poor Family disease in India – Anaemia , Scakel-Cell Anaemia and Malnutrition Disease –kwasher for and Scurvey ,Help in cure prevention and control

* Vector borne Disease Control helping of Poor Society and Awareness programs .

* Our Health Mission covered by Blindness Controly programs For discase e.g.-Conjuctivitis (bacterial and virus) and Keratitis and Endo Pthalmitis and Opthalmology Services and poor society provided by Opthalmic Lenses by Opthalmic Technition and Free Eye Check –up Services .s

* Rural Health Mission aware of all society world mast Disease HIV (Human Immunodeficirncy Virus-day by day awareness Programs and HIV Check –up help by Society like – Pathological test help CD4,amtigen’C helper-Inducer lymphocytes).by Elisa , Western blot ect.

Our mission in Cancer disease programs Awarenesses by Society – Oncogenic disease ( pre- Comcerous Condition) Mouth Concer like –Oral Sub-Mucosus Fibrosis and Oral Leckoplakia (OL).and all Mouth Oncogenic diseas Suffering from all Society like Tobacco ,Gutakha ,Pan Masala and Alcohol and Samguinaria and Ultraviolet radiation diseases programs awareness by societys

* Our Rural Health Mission awareness programs Organised by Tuberculosis disease Under to Supervision Physicions and refer to help of people District Tuberculosis Hospital

* Our Mission awareness programs in Genito -Urinary Tract Infection rural areas (UTI) Disease ,unsafe Condition do not use in Monthly period for Woman ,Our vision Hygiene awareness to all poor family and aware to discase for (UTI) e.g. Syphilis and Goonorhoes and cystitis etc.

* Our Rural Health Mission Preventable Discases aware to all rural areas in Rabies causative agent like Bite of Dog, cat, rat etc. They can transmit the rabies- virus Lyssa virus and Our Mission for practisonor Doctor like Prevent your children from having Contact with stray animals and wash the wounds with Soap and Apply antiseptic liquid and Advise Consult your doctor immediate after bite for Medical care and day to day organize programs in 28th September World rabies day.

* Our Rural Health Mission Organised by Drug- De –Addiction for youth in India .Basically School going children awareness to Society and School Levels .some youth in rural areas drug-De-Addiction e.g.-use to Compose , Aeprazolam and other Injection use to Fort win et. Aware to Our Mission for Alcohalic Awareness , Subject of Awareness for Public Smoking Tobacco and Khayni and other chewing (with tobacco)Material .

Our Main Vision is Drug-de- Addiction rehabitation and counseling.

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