On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike.


* On the Literacy , Front there was Similor encouraging evidence of theresult of the Education Programmes . This Programmes a role of Providing humanitarian assitence and FacilitatingDevelopment with people Perticipation in Education for Economically Poor Families Education in India abrod and Specially Village Slim areas.

* Our Organisation , Education Prgrammes providing by india Charitable Association .<

* The Organisation Success of our rural voluntees in Mobilising Community Support for this Educational materials eg . Books (Study Material),Copy ,Support of Dresses and Pencial , of the School Pens etc. providing by Indian Charitable Association Support Some of the School going Children in Village and Slum areas Community.

* Our Organisation Many different areas Training and Education programmes by ICA India

* Working Women and Man is Information Education

* By women and Girls help training for Vocational Education.

* By Divayange / Disabled person provide vocational Education and training.

* For SC/ST community Higher Educational programmes help to Organisation ICA India .

* Community Apl/BPL card holder Organise for Computer Literacy programmes day to day.

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