Network Membership:

Indian Council of Accountants network of Professional Accountants. Individuals or organizations which are involved in Accounting, Finance, Trading, Commerce activites can join and be part of our organizations.

Memberships are available in 1 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year and Life-Time Membership.

1. Exclusive Training
2. Policy Updates
3. Upto 70% discount on Financial Services (PAN, TAN, Shop & Esablishment Registration, PF, PT, GST & Income Tax Registration and Filings and many services).
4. Upto 70% discount on Financial and Enterprise Softwares (ERP, Billing Software, ERP, Accounting Software, and many Software and other products).
5. Upto 50% Discount on Accounting, Financial and Auditing (CA & CS) Services for Private Limited and Limited Companies.
6. Upto 50% Discount on Information Technology Services like Website, EMail, Hosting Server and many more.
7. Upto 50% Discount on ISO and other QUality Standards.
8. Upto 80% Discount on Events & Seminars.
9. Freelance Commercial Assignments & Projects.
10. Job Placements - Indian & International.
11. Taxaction Registration & Filing Support.
12. Indian and International Trade & Commerce Transaction Support.
13. Accounting & Finance Support.


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